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Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:for posting & answering surveys of all shapes & sizes


   does exactly what it says on the tin: post & answer surveys of all kinds.
   expect this community to grow quite large - if you don’t want people to read & comment on your shiz, don’t post it.
   any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact your mod.


[personal profile] catfight
   be nice to me - I can delete your posts or ban you if I so desire. (:


   • ALWAYS use an LJ cut. no exceptions. a few lines outside the cut is fine, but not all. if you don’t use one, I will warn you. if you still don’t put one in, I will delete your post. it’s as simple as that.
   • you can post any survey you like: bolding, picture surveys, normal Q & A, including those from MemeGene or Bzoink that use HTML tables. just remember your cut.
   • don’t be rude to anyone.
   • community promotions, trolling & spamming are NOT allowed. if I see you doing this, your post will be deleted. if you do it again, you will be banned. end of.
   • no sob stories unless it’s part of your survey.
   • I love quiz results as much as the next geek, but don’t post them here, thanks.
   • HTML is your friend: learn it. bad coding is one of my pet hates, if it appears in your post it will be deleted.
   • got a new survey? let us know!


so, where can I find a ridiculously long survey to waste my time with?
     there is one here.
what is an LJ-cut?
     a way to hide part or all of your entry to avoid taking up space on peoples’ reading pages.
how do I do an LJ-cut?
I want to do a picture survey. show me one!
     here or here. there are others, you just have to look.


if you follow the rules everyone will be happy. enjoy yourselves. please contact me if you need any help. (:
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